Ian Bridgeman

A photo of Ian Bridgeman. He's a white guy with a beard and glasses.


  • …is a copywriter and website maker. Let him know if you'd like him to do either of those things for you.
  • …until recently worked for Bauer Media’s radio division, as the Digital Audience Editor. His job was to make sure their radio stations and podcasts met their audiences on the web and made a good impression.
  • …had been hanging around in radio for about a decade before deciding to do websites for everyone.
  • …bought this domain name years ago and is pretending he doesn’t regret it.
  • …makes a podcast called Wonder Cupboard with his partner Elena. It’s about the history and philosophy of science, but with jokes.
  • …enjoys writing in the third person, apparently.
  • …managed social media for Magic Radio and Absolute Radio. For quite a few years.
  • …never thought he’d be a serif guy, but here we are.
  • …is a trained Mental Health First Aider.
  • …lives in London.
  • …has worked with hundreds of brands, including Sky, McDonald’s, MINI, and Santander. He also likes to work with smaller companies.
  • …likes taking photos.
  • …uses he/him, and will happily use your pronouns, too.
  • …really likes Daim bars.

Contact Me

The game is up. I'm writing in the first person again. It was me all along.

You can get in touch with me by emailing ian@spoonrage.com, or find me on Twitter.

You can endorse me for yodelling and bushcraft on LinkedIn.